Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is a green timber source with economical, social and ecological benefit. 


There are many benefits that bamboo offers:


Bamboo Grows Fast:

  • New shoot of most bamboo species reach full height within one month 

  • Tropical bamboo species reach mature size in 4-5 years from seeds. Phyllostachys edulis reaches mature size in 6-7 years from seeds. It's even faster if planting from cuttings or divisions


Bamboo is Environmental Friendly:

  • Bamboo forest absorbs more carbon dioxide than most trees

  • Bamboo enriches soil

  • Bamboo roots hold soil

  • Bamboo products are 100% biodegradable


Bamboo Has a Wide Range of Application:  

  • Traditional use such as weaving, fence, farming, construction, handicrafts etc. 

  • Bamboo plywood to reduce dependence on wood 

  • Bamboo pulp products 

  • Bamboo textile

  • Bamboo carbon 

  • Bamboo extract 

  • Bamboo shoot 

  • Bamboo tourist

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