Come and visit Yunnan Bamboo in Kunming!

Yunnan Bamboo is a bamboo nursery located in Kunming, Yunnan in China. At Yunnan Bamboo, we have over 430 species of bamboo seeds and 631 species of bamboo plants. Here at Yunnan Bamboo, we offer bamboo plant sales and bamboo seed sales. We also offer workshops on workshops and training on bamboo propagation and training at our bamboo nursery. 


Bamboo is a green timber source with ecological, economical and social benefit, and we have a great selection for you to choose from at our bamboo nursery. If you happen to be around Kunming, come and take a tour and learn more about these wonderful plants, and get a hands on experience on how to harvest and grow bamboo. 


Contact us today to learn more about our seeds, plants and workshops we offer at our bamboo nursery, or for any questions you may have.