Bamboo plants are our passion, here at Yunnan Bamboo!

Here at Yunnan Bamboo, located in Kunming surburb, Southwestern China, has been specializing in bamboo plant propagation and plantation for over 30 years, and has developed its own intellectual property on breeding and cultivation. 


Yunnan Bamboo has developed into an integrated bamboo solution provider, with nursery area of 80 hectare, high-yield demonstration bamboo plantation of 333 hectare, bamboo shoot farm of 66 hectare, and micro-propagation lab of 600 square meter. Yunnan Bamboo has collected bamboo seeds of 430 species and varieties, bamboo plants of 631 species and varieties. Each year over 1000 kilo bamboo seeds are supplied here, as well as 5 million pots of landscaping plants, 9 million pots of plantation plants, and 3 million tissue culture plants.


We also offer workshops and training on bamboo plant propagation and plantation. 

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