If you are looking for bamboo sales, look no further than Yunnan Bamboo!

When you come to Yunnan Bamboo, you will notice that we have over 430 species and varieties of bamboo seeds and over 630 species and varieties of bamboo plants. All of our bamboo products are grown and propagated on our 333 hectare bamboo plantation. We offer plants from seeds, propagation and micro-propagation. 


We ship all over the world and have sent our plants to American, Australia, Italy, South Korea, Indonesia, South Africa, France and are ready to ship to you, wherever you are. If you planning to grow overseas, we recommend that you take bamboo seeds. Seeds are more easier to transport and grow, and offers lower costs to ship and a higher survival rate. 


If you have any questions regarding the best way to ship and grow your bamboo plants, we have experts on hand ready to help. So, check out Yunnan Bamboo for great bamboo sales.