Yunnan Bamboo - A Leading Seller of Bamboo Seeds and Plants

Yunnan Bamboo is a leading seller of bamboo seeds and bamboo plants. From our location in Kunming, Yunnan, we have been offering our customers bamboo plants, bamboo seeds, information, workshops and more for over 30 years. This has earned us a reputation not only among our established customer base, but the world over as leading company in bamboo propagation and plantation. 


We have a wide variety of bamboo seed species. ​Our rich experience on bamboo seed treatment enables us to guarantee freshness and viability of our seeds at stock. We are always harvesting our bamboo seeds throughout the year and but customers can only expect a select few depending on the time of the year.


To learn more, contact us today to see which bamboo seeds we have available and how you can get your hands on some.


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