If you are in Kunming, Yunnan, come and take a bamboo tour at Yunnan Bamboo!

Are you planning a visit to Yunnan? Do you love bamboo plants and would like to know how to grow and care for your own? If so, come and take a bamboo tour at Yunnan Bamboo.


Here at Yunnan Bamboo, we offer bamboo tours for overseas bamboo lovers. When you take a bamboo tour with us, you will get to enjoy many attractions. From our bamboo botanic gardens, commercial bamboo plantations to bamboo processing factories, you will surely love everything about our tour. We will even take you to a bamboo themed park!


If you love bamboo, our bamboo tours are definitely for you. Here at Yunnan Bamboo, we love to share our passion for bamboo with others alike and would love if you joined us.

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