For Commercial Bamboo Sales, contact Yunnan Bamboo!

Located in Kunming, Yunnan, Yunnan Bamboo offers commercial bamboo sales and ships to countries all over the world. Yunnan Bamboo has sent bamboo plants to America, Australia, Italy, South Korea, Indonesia, South Africa, France. ​


Bamboo plants from seeds (seedlings) are usually used for commercial bamboo sales and plantation. Seedlings are strong enough for field after 6 months at nursery.  For international order, young seedlings are usually shipped by air with bare root, and have to enter green house for another 2-3 months before going to field. 


Yunnan Bamboo nurseries has an annual capacity of 9 million bamboo seedlings for commercial plantation, with pre-orders taken half a year in advance. 


​For plantation projects outside China, we usually suggest take bamboo seeds instead of seedlings, unless seeds are not available. Seeds will be easier to transport and grow, with a lower cost and higher survival rate. Yunnan Bamboo can provide all the skills you need to grow from seeds, as well as on-site training.


Contact us to learn more about our commercial bamboo sales.