Yunnan Bamboo works together with bamboo farmers and processing factories to provide the following bamboo products worldwide: 

  • Fresh bamboo shoots supplied from China, Italy, US, Thailand, Vietnam etc, including:

    • Dendrocalamus brandisii(sweet)

    • Dendorcalamus hamiltonii (sweet) 

    • ​Dendrocalamus latiflorus (sweet when underground)

    • Phyllostachys edulis (moso winter shoot, not bitter) 

    • ​Phyllostachys praecox 

  • Treated bamboo poles for construction supplied from China, Philippines, Italy and US. (a brand-new non-boric treatment technology, eco-friendly and longer-standing)treated bamboo species include:

    • Dendrocalamus sinicus (diameter 20 cm above)

    • Dendrocalamus asper,

    • Dendrocalamus membranaceus,

    • Bambusa longinternode (almost solid)

    • Phyllostachys pubescens 

  • bamboo chips for pulping or other uses, species option includes:

    • Dendrocalamus asper,

    • Dendrocalamus membranaceus

    • Dendrocalamus giganteus 

    • Dendrocalamus strictus

    • Phyllostachys pubescens etc. 

  • Bamboo pulp boards, including bleached and non-bleached pulp to product tissue paper or food packing material. 

  • Bamboo tissue paper for toilet, kitchen etc. 

  • Bamboo furniture 

  • ​bamboo handicrafts 

  • Natural Bamboo fiber products (not bamboo viscose)  

  • Tablewares made of bamboo fiber 

  • Disposable food containers made of bamboo 

bamboo shoot.jpeg
bamboo chips.jpeg
bamboo pulp board.jpeg
kids tableware.jpeg
disposable food containers.jpeg

If you have other nice bamboo products to supply or source for, pls feel free to contact us.