Dendrocalamus strictus (solid bamboo)

- Most common bamboo in India 
General information of moso
Latin Name
Latin Name
Dendrocalamus strictus
Latin Name
Running or Clumping
Latin Name
Mature size
Diameter 2.5-10 cm, maximum 12 cm; height 7-15 m, maximum 17 m
Latin Name
Culm wall thickenss
almost solid in lower part when growing in quite dry condition
Latin Name
Internode length
30-45 cm
Latin Name
Native elevation
0-1,200 m from sea level
Latin Name
Native latitude in China
Best temperature
semi-dry soil,k
Annual average temperature 14-20 ℃, minimum -17℃, maximum 35℃
Annual average rainfall
1000 mm - 2000 mm (minimum rainfall 700mm)
Latin Name
Cold resistance
- 3 degree celsius
Latin Name
Soil PH value
5.5 - 7.5
about moso timber
Property of moso timber
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fiber of moso
Fiber content: 44%, fiber 2.1 mm long, 23.2 μm wide, length-width ratio: 91:1
weight of fresh pole
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Main application of moso poles
Construction, flooring, furniture, laminates, plywood, biomass, shoot, weaving, handicrafts, daily necessities
moso seeds 2018
Native latitude in China
Harvest time
Collecting location
end of August 2018
Gejiu city in Yunnan province, flowering plant grew at 1400-2100 m above sea level
Weight of seeds
1000 seeds weigh 35.8 gram
Annual relative humidty
Seed amount in 1 kg
26,000-30,000 seeds
Soil PH value
Germination rate
14 seeds of 1g germinated; 8,000-12,000 seedlings to be expected from 1kg seeds
Seed amount in 1 kg
Moso seed viability
1 year in fridge, better sow within 6 months
moso seed 2018
Commercial moso plantation
Planting space
3mx3m or 3mx4m, or 4mx4m (plant from 1 year seedlings)
Planting hole
60cm long, 60cm wide, 40cm deep
Time to mature size from seeds
6-8 years
Selective cutting according to applicatin of poles
Timber productivity
30-45 ton / hectare / year (fresh)
Plantation maintenance
Thinning up for young plantation, fertilizing etc.
        30 days old moso seedlings                              100 days old moso seedlings                    1 year old potted moso seedlings