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Bamboo is a green timber source with economical, social and ecological benefit. 



Bamboo Grows fast. 

    1. New shoot of most bamboo species reach full height within one month. 

    2. Tropical bamboo species reach mature size in 4-5 years from seeds. Phyllostachys edulis reaches mature size in 6-7 years from           seeds. It's even faster if planting from cuttings or divisions. 

Bamboo is environmental friendly. 

    1. Bamboo forest absorbs more carbon dioxide than most of trees. 

    2. Bamboo enriches soil. 

    3. Bamboo roots hold soil. 

    4. Bamboo products are 100% bio-degradable. 

Bamboo has a wide range of application.   

    1. Traditional use such as weaving, fence, farming, construction, handicrafts etc. 

    2. Bamboo plywood to reduce dependence on wood. 

    3. Bamboo pulp products. 

    4. Bamboo textile. 

    5. Bamboo carbon. 

    6. Bamboo extract. 

    7. Bamboo shoot. 

    8. Bamboo tourism. 

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