Yunnan Bamboo is a solution provider on bamboo value chain. Based in Southern China where bamboo has had a long history in silviculture and application, Yunnan Bamboo started as a bamboo nursery in 1980s and gradually developed into the biggest collector of bamboo seeds thanks to its team passion on bamboo and its close collaboration on scientific research with local forestry universities. Bamboo was planted in China for both ecological and economic benefits.


Yunnan Bamboo supported all bamboo growers with its expertise on bamboo propagation and plantation. When bamboo growers started harvesting bamboo shoot and timber, it came to the questions that how they shall process and market their products and who will be their buyer. From there Yunnan Bamboo started to provide full support on the whole bamboo value chain.  



Our mission: 

Make our earth greener with BAMBOO.

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   Email:     WhatsApp: +86 18697989419