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Yunnan Bamboo is not only a supplier of bamboo seeds and plants, but also a solution provider for the bamboo industry. Whether you're a bamboo enthusiast, vendor, or someone interested in sustainable practices, Yunnan Bamboo has a diverse range of services tailored just for you. 

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Yunnan Bamboo provides training on:

1. growing bamboo 

2. bamboo transformation

3. bamboo handicrafts

4. bamboo processing

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Yunnan Bamboo can consult on: 

1. what species to grow

2. how to manage your bamboo

3. how to make use of your bamboo

4. how to sell your bamboo

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Yunnan Bamboo organizes bamboo tours to:

1. bamboo gardens, parks, collections

2. bamboo plantations

3. bamboo factories

4. bamboo machines

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Yunnan Bamboo sources all bamboo-related items from China, including:

1. bamboo tools and machines

2. bamboo material

3. bamboo technology

4. bamboo products

Practices in bamboo for over 20 years.

Let our experience assist you.

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