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Dendrocalamus asper (source 2)

Dendrocalamus asper (source 2) seeds were collected in Burma. Its flowering culms showed bigger sizes than source 1 from Yunnan province China

It can reach a diameter of 15-25 cm, height of 20-30 cm, wall thickness of 2-4 cm at base. 

Dendrocalamus asper culm.jpeg
Flowering Dendrocalamus asper 2.JPG
diameter at 0.6m tall.JPG
smaller culm sample.jpg

          dimeter at 0.6 m tall                                                 Culm wall thickness at base, middle and top

Dendrocalamus asper shoots are edible. It's one of the main bamboo species for shoot production in Asia. 

​Dendrocalamus asper poles are strong and durable, good for construction, charcoal, biofuel, paper making, textile etc.  

Best climate to grow Dendrocalamus asper:

  • annual daytime temperature: 20-27 °c 

  • mean annual rainfall: 1,200 mm above 

  • Soil type: sandy loam, or heavy soil with good drainage 

  • PH in soil: 5.0-6.5 


Dendrocalamus asper seeds (S2): 

Seed size: 5-7 mm long, 2-3 mm wide 

Harvest time: March 2019 

Origin: Burma 

Seed number in 1 gram: 80 seeds 

Germination rate: 45% 

Plants from 1 kilo seeds: 20,000-30,000

Viability: 9-12 months (at 1-4 centigrade)


Germinating Dendrocalamus asper seeds (S2): 

Best temperature: 25-30 centigrade 

Sprouting time: 4-5 days on tissue (shell free) 

                           8-10 days on tissue (with shell)

                          15-30 days in soil (with shell)

​Sowing on seedbed: 30 grams per square meter

Facility: plastic film to control moisture

               shade net when temperature is above 25 °C

​               irrigation system 

Transplant: 1) pot up when 3-4 leaves are developed 

​                    2) plant in field when 2-3 culms are fully                                   lignified and minimum 60 cm high 

Planting Dendrocalamus asper seeds (S2): 

Suggested space: 4m x 5m 

                              5m x 5m

​                              5m x 6m 

Planting season: beginning of rainy season 

                            (at least 1-2 months of rain after planting)

                           If irrigation is available, can be planted all                             year round 

Planting hole size: 60cm (L) x 60cm (W) x 50cm(D) 

                                80cm (L) x 80cm (W) x 60cm(D)

Life of plantation: ​80-100 years 


1-year old Dendrocalamus asper seedlings

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