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Dendrocalamus sinicus

The biggest bamboo species in the world
Dendrocalamus sinicus.jpg
General information of Dendrocalamus sinicus
Latin Name
Dendrocalamus sinicus, Giant dragon bamboo
Latin Name
Running or Clumping
Latin Name
Mature size
Diameter 20-30 cm, maximum 37 cm, height 20-30 m
Latin Name
Culm wall thickenss
3-6 cm at bottom, 1-2 cm from middle above
Latin Name
Internode length
16- 25 cm at bottom, 30-50 cm from middle above
Latin Name
Native elevation in China
500-1870 m above sea level
Latin Name
Native latitude in China
Best temperature
N 2 1 °~ 2 3 °4 0 ′
Annual average temperature over 18-25 centigrade
Annual average rainfall
1200 mm above
Latin Name
Annual relative humidty
78% above
Latin Name
Soil PH value
5.5 - 7.5
Dendrocalamus sinicus timber
physical and mechanical properties
Density: 0.632g/cm3; Compressive strength: 56.2 MPa; tensile strength:329.9 MPa (3 year old culm)
fiber of sinicus
fiber length range 0.62-5.03 mm, with average of 2.7 mm
weight of fresh pole
100-200 kg, maximum 350 kg
Main application of sinicus poles
Fresh Dendrocalamus sinicus seeds 2022
Native latitude in China
Harvest time
May 2022
Collecting location
Southwestern Yunnan province China
Weight of seeds
2.0 g - 2.5 g per 10 seeds
Annual relative humidty
Seed amount in 1 kg
4,000-5,000 seeds
Soil PH value
Germination rate
90% above
Seed amount in 1 kg
sinicus seed viability
1-1.5 year in fridge, better sow within 12 months
Dendrocalamus sinicus flower.jpg
Dendrocalamus sinicus seeds.jpg
Commercial Dendroclamus sinicus plantation
Planting space
5 m x 5 m or 6m x 6m
Planting hole
60cm long, 60cm wide, 50cm deep or 80cm long, 80cm wide, 60cm deep
Time to mature size from seeds
5-6 years
Selective cutting according to applicatin of poles
Timber productivity
90-120 ton / hectare / year (fresh)
Plantation maintenance
Thinning up for young plantation, fertilizing etc. (more details available by email request)
1 week Dendrocalamus sinicus seedlings_e
3 months Dendrocalamus sinicus seedlings
2 year old Dendrocalamus sinicus plant.J
           1 week                                                                3 months in soil                                                               2-year old 
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