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In recent years, the global shift towards sustainable practices has catapulted bamboo into the spotlight as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional materials. China, with its deep reservoirs of bamboo resources, has emerged as a key player in producing and exporting bamboo-based products, ranging from flooring and furniture to textiles and even cutting-edge technological applications. 

As we delve into the intricate tapestry of China's bamboo industry, we will uncover the multifaceted nature of this remarkable plant – from its traditional roots deeply embedded in Chinese heritage to its innovative and sustainable applications in the contemporary world. Join us on a journey through bamboo gardens, forests, bustling markets, and state-of-the-art factories as we explore the thriving bamboo industry that continues to shape China's cultural, economic, and environmental landscape.

The first bamboo tour was co-organized by Yunnan Bamboo from China and Newfi Bamboo from France. It was successfully held in November 2018. The second tour was canceled due to Covid-19. After almost 5 years of waiting, we are glad to have this tour again for all bamboo lovers from all over the world. 


Day 1, 14 May 2024: Reach Hangzhou Airport, Welcome Party on the bank of the beautiful West Lake. 

Day 2, 15 May 2024: Visit factories of bamboo flooring, paneling, shoot processing, etc. 

Day 3, 16 May 2024: Visit Anji Bamboo Garden, Anji Bamboo Museum, and Mira bamboo collection, bamboo products market 

Day 4, 17 May 2024: Visit bamboo machinery factories, family-based bamboo handicrafts 

Day 5, 18 May 2024: Visit the Bamboo Paper Value Chain in Sichuan province (from commercial asper bamboo plantation-chipping-pulping-paper) 

Day 6, 19 May 2024: Visit Yibin Bamboo Cultural Ecosystem Park, Yibin Bamboo Industrial Parks

Day 7, 20 May 2024: Shunnan Bamboo Sea (understand bamboo plantation as eco-tourism and its related business) 

Day 8, 21 May 2024: Xingwen Creative Daily Use Bamboo Commodities Trade Center (understand how a small town built a whole bamboo industry from zero) 

Day 9, 22 May 2024: Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden (visit the best collection of giant tropical bamboo species)

Day 10, 23 May 2024: (1-day vacancy, you are welcome to add other subjects you are interested into the tour )

Day 11, 24 May 2024: Visit Yunnan Bamboo Nursery, Bamboo seeds specimens practices on sowing bamboo seeds 

Day 12, 25 May 2024: Visit intangible cultural heritage- hand bamboo weaving, departure from Kunming Airport 

Kindly note the agenda above is not final. We are open to advice to add to the tour. 


2,500.00 USD per person including transport, accommodation, and food inside China. 

You can check out online right after the registration submission below. If you don't like the online payment, we will send you invoice for bank transfer afterwards by email.

How to attend?

1. Fill out the registration form below and make payment.

2. Receive our Invitation Letter for visa application 

3. Buy your tickets to China (Arrival at Hangzhou International Airport and departure from Kunming Airport) 

Register for the 2024 Bamboo Tour now!

Thanks for registering. We will contact you by email soon.

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