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Chimonobambusa purpurea, is a cold resistant bamboo species naturally found at high elevation. It can reach 1-5 cm in diameter and 4-8 m in height. Internode is 10-25 cm long. Culms are green when young and turn purple when mature (depends on light). 

Some culms are slightly square shaped at base. Aerial roots are obvious on nodes. 

​Chimonobambusa purpurea grows at elevation of 800-1,500 meter in Sichuan, Chongqing, Shanxi and Hubei province in China. 


Chimonobambusa purpurea shoot is very delicious, with no taste of bitterness at all. It's one of the bamboo species to feed panda in China. Chinese people eat its shoot a lot, especially in hot pot. 

​It's also a nice plant for ornamental purpose in cold area like Europe. 


Chimonobambusa purpurea seeds are shortly viable, last for around 20 days at low temperature. 

​We also harvested Qiongzhuea tumidisinoda seeds and some other Chimonobambusa seeds this year. But due to their short shelf life, we don't keep stock for over 20 days. If you are in need of such species, please book with use in advance so that seeds can be posted as soon as harvest finishes. 

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