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At Yunnan Bamboo, we offer various bamboo plants from

  • seeds

  • vegetative propagation 

  • micro-propagation. 

Yunnan Bamboo has sent bamboo plants to America, Australia, Italy, South Korea, Indonesia, South Africa, France. ​America and Australia

​Bamboo Seedlings

Bamboo plants from seeds (seedlings) are usually used for commercial bamboo plantation. Seedlings are strong enough for field after 6 months at nursery.  For international order, young seedlings are usually shipped by air with bare root, and have to enter green house for another 2-3 months before going to field. 

Yunnan Bamboo nurseries has an annual capacity of 9 million bamboo seedlings for commercial plantation, with pre-orders taken half a year in advance. 

​For plantation projects outside China, we usually suggest take bamboo seeds instead of seedlings, unless seeds are not available. Seeds will be easier to transport and grow, with a lower cost and higher survival rate. Yunnan Bamboo can provide all skills you need to grow from seeds, as well as on-site training.


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bamboo seedlings
Bamboo plantation

5 years, from tiny bamboo seeds to mature bamboo plantation, bamboo grows faster than any wood.

1 year old bamboo plantation
2-year old bamboo plantation
3-year old bamboo plantation
4-year old bamboo plantation
1-year old bamboo plantation
2-year old bamboo plantation
3-year old bamboo plantation
4-year old bamboo plantation
​Vegetative propagated bamboo plants
Vegetative propagated bamboo plants

Vegetative propagated bamboo plants are used for both landscaping and commercial plantation.

Big-sized bamboo plants are usually used for landscaping, delivered in pots by ocean;

Small-size bamboo plants are more for plantation, delivered bare-rooted by air.

Yunnan Bamboo nurseries offer bamboo plants from vegetative propagation all year round, with an annual capacity of 5 million pots/clusters. Plants are prepared according to orders. 

Please leave at least 4 months for us to prepare plants and ship. 

Click here to check our plant list available for order. 

bamboo sales
bamboo information
Micro-propagated bamboo plants

​Yunnan Bamboo owns 2 tissue culture labs and work together with Bamboo Research Center at Yunnan Normal University. A new t/c lab of over 1000 square meter is also under construction. At the moment, Yunnan Bamboo can offer micro-propagated bamboo plants for 64 species and the following species are available at large scale:

  • Dendreocalamus asper 

  • Bambusa sp. 'long internode'

  • Bambusa tulda 

  • Bambusa sp. 'double dominant branch'

  • Dendrocalamus membranaceus cv. grandis 

  • Dendrocalamus sinicus 

  • Dendrocalamus strictus 

  • Dendrocalamus hamiltonii 

  • Dendrocalamus brandisii

  • Dendrocalamus latiflorus 

  • ​Dendrocalamus yunnanensis 

  • Phyllostachys pubescens or Phyllostachys edulis or moso 

  • Cephalostachyum pergracile 

Micro-propagated bamboo plants
bamboo nursery

Yunnan Bamboo has an annual producing capacity of 3 million t/c bamboo plantlets. An annual production plan is made at the beginning of each year. 

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