Latin Name: Dendrocalamus sinicus

Mature Height: 20-30 m

Diamter:  20-30 cm

Seed Harvest Time: May 2022 

Germination Rate: 100% (Test done in May 2022) 

Seeds per gram: 6 seeds 


Dendrocalamus sinicus bamboo is the largest bamboo in the world. 

It grows natively in Yunnan province of China. 

Its seeds are extremely rare. Each year we send workers to search for sinicus flowering clumps in deep mountains, but can only get hundreds of seeds when we are good enough. 

As it's so difficult to get, and limited seeds available, we only offer this species in May-June each year. 

Dendrocalamus sinicus has two forms:straight form and twisted form. 

The seeds we are offering now is from the straight form. 

Seeds shall be sown asap. 

Dendrocalamus sinicus Bamboo Seeds