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giant bamboo Dendrocalamus calostachyus

Dendrocalamus calostachyus Bamboo Seeds


Fresh Giant Bamboo Seeds - Dendrocalamus calostachyus for sale 


Latin Name: Dendrocalamus calostachyus

Mature Height: 20 m above 

Diameter:  15 cm

Seed Harvest Time: March 2024 

Germination Rate: 73.91% (Test done in March 2024) 

Seeds per gram: 20 seeds 


Dendrocalamus calostachyus is a tufted giant bamboo native to Assam, Bangladesh, China South-Central, East Himalaya, and Myanmar. 

It's an ideal timber bamboo for biomass production with its thick culm wall. No branches develop at the lower nodes, making it extremely easy to maintain and harvest in a commercial plantation. 


Dendrocalamus calostachyus is not a widely spread or known species to most people, nor outstanding to botanists. Thus very little information is found about this species. The flowering stands were found in western Yunnan province China where D. membranaceus, D. barbatus, and D. giganteus were flowering at the same time. This bamboo was called 黑埋桑 by the villagers. According to Hui Chaomao, a bamboo expert in Yunnan province, 黑埋桑 is Dendrocalamus calostachyus.


 The pictures here were taken in the flowering field, not from the internet. 


The identification might be wrong due the the very limited references available, but the pictures showed the true bamboo plants that produced our seeds.  For a commercial plantation, knowing how the bamboo will grow is more important than knowing the Latin name.

  • Read Before Ordering

    1. Make sure you are able to import bamboo seeds before placing an order. The import rules in each country is different, pls contact your agricultural departments or responsible departments for details. 
    2. Phytosanitory Certificate is usually required by most countries. You only need to pay for 1 phyto cert for 1 shipment, no matter how many species you order. 
    3. If you are not able to find out the import rules in your country, try to contact us by Email or WhatsApp before your order. 

    All the bamboo seeds we offer are tested frequently to ensure viability. If seeds fail to germinate, pls provide us pictures/videos, we replace or refund. 


    We ship our seeds worldwide.

    The default shipping rate is by EMS (Express Mail Service of Post Office). It's the cheapest express, but no guarantee on delivery time during the pendemic period. If you want to recieve the seeds faster and dont mind higher cost, pls contact us for quote on DHL, UPS or Fedex. 

  • Delivery Time

    We ship our orders within 1 week after payment. 

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