Latin Name: Gigantochloa sp. bicolor

Mature Height: 7-10 m

Diamter:  3-6 cm

Seed Harvest Time: April 2020 

Germination Rate: 90.00% (Test done in March 2022) 

Seeds per gram: 11 seeds 


Gigantochloa 'bicolor' is a beautiful middle size bamboo with bright yellow strips on green culms. 

It's the best ornamental bamboo for your yard, or on road side. 

The seeds were harvested in 2020 from Burma, and have been stored in our refrigerator.

It still keeps very good germination. 


Kindly note the strips might not show on all new culms, but we did see yellow strips on 1-2 year old seedlings. 

Gigantochloa 'bicolor' Bamboo Seeds