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Thyrsostachys siamensis bamboo for landscaping

Thyrsostachys siamensis bamboo seeds


Thyrsostachys siamensis bamboo seeds, fresh harvest 2024, are now ready for delivery worldwide.


Latin Name: Thyrsostachys siamensis

Common Name:  Monastery Bamboo, Thai Bamboo, Umbrella Bamboo 

Mature Height: 7-13 m

Diameter: 3-8 cm

Seed Harvest Time: March 2024

Germination Rate: 70% (Test done in March 2024) 

Seeds per gram: 30 seeds 


Thyrsostachys siamensis: Description, Habitat, and Uses


Thyrsostachys siamensis, commonly known as Thai Bamboo, is a highly ornamental bamboo species known for its upright stalks and dense clusters. Here's a detailed description, habitat information, and uses:

Description: Thyrsostachys siamensis features straight bamboo stalks forming dense, singular clusters. The stalks reach heights of 8-13 meters with diameters of 3-5 centimeters. The internodes are 15-30 centimeters long, initially covered in white soft hairs. The stalk walls are thick, almost solid at the base, with flat nodes and a ring of white hairs (about 5 millimeters high) below each node. Branching occurs high on the stalk, with the main branches being less developed. The buds are longer than they are wide.


The sheaths are thin, soft, nearly equal to or slightly longer than the internodes, covered in white bristly hairs. The sheath's opening forms a "mountain" shape. Ligules are low, with sparse short hairs at the tip. Auricles are upright, long triangular, slightly contracted at the base, with slightly rolled edges. The ultimate branches have 4-12 narrow lanceolate leaves, 9-18 centimeters long and 0.7-1.5 centimeters wide, glabrous on both surfaces or with soft hairs on the underside when young, featuring 3-5 pairs of secondary veins.


Flowering branches form pale-colored, paniculate inflorescences with numerous fine branches. Each node has a few false spikelets supported by a boat-shaped, glabrous bract. Spikelets are nearly white, 1.2-1.7 centimeters long and 3-5 millimeters wide, containing three florets. Glumes are 0.8-1 centimeters long, ovate, with pointed tips, long white soft hairs at the base, and eight veins. The lemma is longer than the glumes, with hairs only at the tip of the lower floret. The palea of the lower floret is narrow with two ridges, fringed with hairs, deeply cleft to the middle, while the palea of the upper floret has no ridges, is notched at the tip with two short points, glabrous, and longer than its lemma. Lodicules are absent; stamens extend outside the flower with free filaments. The ovary initially ovates, later becoming flattened, with 1-3 feathery, curved stigmas. The caryopsis is cylindrical, 5 millimeters long, and 2 millimeters in diameter, with a beaked tip.


Habitat: Thyrsostachys siamensis is native to Myanmar and Thailand and is cultivated in Malaysia. In China, it is grown in Taiwan, Fujian (Xiamen), Guangdong (Guangzhou), and Yunnan, particularly in the southwest and southern regions. The type specimen was collected in Thailand.


Uses: This bamboo species is prized for its ornamental value due to its straight, dense stalks, flexible branches, and fine leaves. The stalk internodes are straight, tough, and uniformly thick from top to bottom, making them ideal for crafting umbrella handles. Additionally, the shoots are edible.

For those looking to add a beautiful and functional bamboo species to their garden or landscape, Thyrsostachys siamensis is an excellent choice. Its aesthetic appeal and practical uses make it popular in various regions.


  • Read Before Ordering

    1. Make sure you are able to import bamboo seeds before placing an order. The import rules in each country is different, pls contact your agricultural departments or responsible departments for details. 
    2. Phytosanitory Certificate is usually required by most countries. You only need to pay for 1 phyto cert for 1 shipment, no matter how many species you order. 
    3. If you are not able to find out the import rules in your country, try to contact us by Email or WhatsApp before your order. 

    All the bamboo seeds we offer are tested frequently to ensure viability. If seeds fail to germinate, pls provide us pictures/videos, we replace or refund. 


    We ship our seeds worldwide.

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